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Hosted by: Gabriella Galante

Whether you've just launched your social media management business or you're well on your way – it's time for a serious glow-up. No more playing small, living in your client's Instagram accounts, or working 13...

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The truth about leaving my corporate job and landing my first client

Today we're going deep into how I decided to leave my corporate job, when I did, and how GG & CO unfolded to be what it is today. We're getting raw and real and we look back on the past 3 years. We're...
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How to Price Your Social Media Packages Part 2

Now that it's time to raise your rates – Get on the waitlist for GLOW GETTER ACADEMY and AGENCY ILLUMINATOR  🥂 to download the free pricing increase email template.  Today's episode is part two of the pricing series....
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How to Price Yourself as a Social Media Professional Part 1

Every wondered how to actually price your packages as a social media professional? Charge too high and the potential client won't sign,  but charge too low and you'll end up resenting them and the work you're doing!...
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The Productivity Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We didn't leave our corporate office to work 8 hours a day in our home office. #amirite If you feel like you're constantly chasing time or feeling like there is never enough hours in the day, this episode is a MUST...
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How to Make Your Life More Gucci (and master your confidence on the day to day)

  The episode is the ultimate vibe check! It's all the little and big things I do to really elevate my wealth mentality and how you can truly define how you want to show up as a CEO and embody it fully.  Little...
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Is the industry saturated?? How to Stand Out Like a UNICORN 🦄🌈

Do you ever feel like there are just too many service providers out there and it's a struggle to really stand out and differentiate yourself?  In today's episode I'm telling you my story of blog to business. And...
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What To Do When Your Client Lets You Go (I got chu😘)

We're getting real. Client relationships don't last forever. This is okay! This is actually a good thing! Let me show you why and how to use this time to create more momentum and growth in your business. In today's...
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Our Highest Sales Month (dishing the secrets on cracking 20 K months 🍒)

I know you are ready to hit your next income level but it's just not happening yet. Bust out your notebook we are diving into the play-by-play on how GG & CO social media agency has surpassed 20 k months, and how...
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How to Make More Money as a Social Media Manager (10 Alternative Income Streams)

We all LOVE diversifying our income streams, right? Today we're going to dive into ten different alternative income streams to consider offering as a social media manager or freelancer/content creator. I'll also be...
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10 Ways to Land Your Next Client

Wondering how to land your next or your first client? We're cutting the fluff and diving into tangible ways and strategies to help you find your next client. We're also discussing what you need to have in place before...
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Lucky No 1

"Did we just become BFFs?" Meet your host, Gabriella. She shares her corporate drop-out story and how GG & CO came to exist. We're just getting started... Come say hi @ggandcocreative and don't forget to hit that...
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Welcome to Like. Comment. Share.

Get ready for Like. Comment. Share. - a glow getters guide to building and scaling a multi 6 figure social media management business. Get ready for marketing strategies, entrepreneur and business building tips, and a...
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