The truth about leaving my corporate job and landing my first client

Today we're going deep into how I decided to leave my corporate job, when I did, and how GG & CO unfolded to be what it is today. We're getting raw and real and we look back on the past 3 years. We're chatting:

  • Leaving my corporate job while planning a wedding + honeymoon
  • How I landed my first client (+ how she let me go)
  • How I built my business
  • How I landed clients like L'Oreal, Mary Kay and Aveda

and so much more! 

Glow Getter Academy and Agency Illuminator are now open! 🎉

You want a one-stop, comprehensive program that unpacks how to attract premium clients, manage multiple accounts, hire a team, and build the agency of your dreams from scratch to the stage of scaling. Say hello to Glow Getter Academy, and it's officially open for 7 DAYS!

Peek all the details here : https://ggandco.ca/gga-2-0/



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