Is the industry saturated?? How to Stand Out Like a UNICORN 🦄🌈

Do you ever feel like there are just too many service providers out there and it's a struggle to really stand out and differentiate yourself? 

In today's episode I'm telling you my story of blog to business. And exactly why my blog never "took off" to it's full potential. I'm walking you through an exercise on how you can uncover your unique selling proposition. 

Grab your notebooks because this episode is even more actionable when you do the exercise!

  • My story of blog to business 
  • How I actually sabotaged my blog potential 
  • How to do cool shit online and be different 
  • How to find your diamond / unique selling proposition/ unicorn factor and why this is so essential in the online space 
  • An exercise to uncover your USP and find your brand identifier 
  • How being unique is essential to making sales 

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